They’re all Identically Different!

It’s Reindeer & Snowmen time again! Making lots of them during months of lockdown helped keep us both occupied and relatively sane.
After costs, we donate an increasing amount of money to The Harefield Hospital each Christmas. They carried out my Lung Transplant just over 7 years ago. Last year we sent them over £9000 and in the last 7 years, we’ve raised in excess of £17,000.

I have committed to sending them enough to surpass the £20,000 total this Christmas. Please share this with your friends. Based on last years sales of BYO snowmen, they will sell out quickly again this year, even with the greater numbers of kits produced!


Price Guide

Snowmen are just £7.00 and the Reindeer are just £12.50

Build Your Own Snowmen and Reindeer

Great for children to make before Christmas and keep them occupied. They can make them for display at home or as great presents especially for Nanny & Granddad, uncles and aunts, as they are made by the children.

They are very simple to make so the children will succeed every time. A crystal clear A4 guide sheet is included.

Snowmen are suitable for children 3+ with adult supervision as there are 3 small (30mm) dowels in the pack. Reindeer are suitable for children ages 8+, as there are small (30mm) dowels and non-toxic PVA glue, both of are included in the kits.

Local collection is available in both Godalming and Dorking.

Postage is automatically generated by our new online store.

Please contact Andrew on 07952 429071  
or if you have any questions.

To date, we have raised over £17,000+ and this year we've committed to raising a further £3,000, so please do buy some! 


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Thanks for submitting!